Adobe Notes

(For MS Windows users)

  • Acrobat
  • Express quick actions
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere
    • Error: unable to add a Dissolve to a clip on the timeline
      • Try zooming in on the timeline and dropping the Dissolve closer to the edge of the clip

    • Error: No audio shown on mixer or heard from headset
      • This can be easily avoided by not changing the Mix volume until right before you export the video.
      • Solution: This can be fixed by “bouncing” the Mix track volume setting
        • Set to Mix track volume to 15 & press <Enter>
        • Then set it back to 0

    • Error: “Unsupported format or damaged file” when attempting to import .PNGs
      • Solution:
        1. While in Microsoft Windows File Explorer,
        2. Right click to rename the File
        3. Change the file extension from .PNG to .jpg
        4. Attempt to import it again

    • Error: “The file cannot be opened because of a header error.” when attempting to import an image
      • Solution:
        1. Open the image in MS paint or another program
        2. Go to “Save as”
        3. Re-save as a JPG
        4. Re-attempt import

    • Shortcuts:
      • Adjust the height of tracks faster
        1. Hover over the track name
        2. Press and hold ALT
        3. Roll the mouse scroll wheel

      • Apply cross-dissolve transitions to multiple clips
        1. Search “diss” in Effects window
        2. Right-click the dissolve transition
        3. Set to default
        4. Highlight all relevant clips
        5. Pres CTRL+d

      • Close gaps:
        • Move every item on the right of the cursor left or right
          1. Place the playhead at the preferred endpoint
          2. Hover over the timeline and press A for the Track Selection Tool
          3. Left click one item
          4. Move the highlighted selection left or right as needed

      • Jump from media clip to media clip, left or right, within a selected track:
        • up and down arrows

    • Notes:
      • Audio layering
        • The lower track insertion point (into the upper audio track) time stamp is displayed on the lower track in red; e.g.

      • Project video resolution:
        • For new projects will be inherited from the resolution of the first image/video added to the timeline. It can be changed in the top menu bar >Sequence >Sequence Settings >Video section.